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The Why

We created the 3BC MOB Directory & MOB Market for one purpose: to help consumers find, list & shop Black owned businesses and minority allies. We feel that doing so serves as a self-help, economic empowerment strategy that can remedy many societal ills.

Minority Business Disparities

By focusing on Black owned businesses and minority allies, we shine a light on quality businesses that are often overlooked or largely unknown. This is due to the disparities in access to capital, technological resources, and retail space. Many of these businesses offer competitive products and services, but simply lack the exposure needed to attract and sustain a solid customer base.

  • boat

"A rising tide raises all ships."

Centering Black Communities

We are unapologetic in our support and advocacy for the Black Community. Few groups in world history have faced such overwhelming and pervasive obstacles on a global scale. Economics have always been at the root of these obstacles. Accordingly, we decided to enlist economics to overcome!

We work hard to find new and innovative ways to solve an old and unchanging problem. One such example is our #MillionDollarMOB movement. We rally at least 10,000 consumers worldwide to spend at least $100 each month with Black owned businesses, for $1 million total. This is just one of many current and upcoming initiatives in our repertoire of self-help, cooperative economic strategies.

Minority Allies

The goal of our platform is to direct dollars intentionally into Black hands, effecting the overall uplift of Black Communities. In pursuit of this goal, it is important to also support other minorities with a track record of supporting Us. Therefore, you will find non-Black minorities listed in the MOB Directory and MOB Market as well. 

However, only those with documented records of programs or initiatives that have poured into the Black Community are featured. Where are you pushing your dollar? From where should you pull them? Support only those that support Us. This aligns with our message to Spend With Purpose.

Register or log in to upload your receipts

Register or log in to upload your receipts

Before you go, we urge you to commit to Spending With Purpose. Pledge to spend your dollars with Black owned businesses and other minorities, thereby empowering the disadvantaged communities they serve. This unlocks full site access, your personal action plan, and rewards!
You are committing to Spend With Purpose. By spending your dollars with Black owned businesses and other minorities, you empower the disadvantaged communities they serve. Unlock full site access, your personal action plan, and rewards!