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HBCU Community Partnership

HBCU Community partnership

Strengthening business ties between Historically Black Colleges & Universities and the communities they serve

about The Partnership

The 3BC HBCU Community Partnership is a two-part national initiative. Part One strengthens connections between HBCUs and their local Black owned businesses. Part Two highlights and promotes current student and alumni owned businesses from each institution. We recognize the need for collaborative partnerships among various institutions that undergird African-American communities. Striving for Black economic empowerment, we form alliances between HBCU students, faculty, staff and businesses.
The essence of this partnership involves mobilizing students, faculty, and staff to seek and patronize external and internal Black owned businesses with purpose. In turn, these businesses pledge to sow back into the universities and communities they serve, in recognition of the rallied support they receive. 3BC will provide “Buy Black Blueprints,” curated collections of Black owned businesses local to each participating HBCU. We will showcase these collections on our platforms as guides to facilitate finding and patronizing these companies.

Working together, these groups will form a closed-circuit of constantly recycling dollars that concentrates resources in Black Communities.

The Program How It Works

3BC Provides

HBCU Provides

Breaking it down From Registration to Execution

Take a look below as we break down the process from start to finish below. We want you to have a clear understanding of how the vision unfolds so that all parties are able to bring their full resources to bear.

3BC HBCU Partnership


Complete the form below to register your school. A member of our team will contact you in 1-2 business days to schedule a virtual or in-person alignment session. We unveil every detail of the program and propose a customizable rollout plan for your school.


Based on your input and specific needs, we finalize our joint launch plan. We mutually define and schedule deliverable items based upon agreed timelines. Both our team and yours sets about installing all elements from the "How It Works" section above. 


We hold a third and final strategy session to ensure pre-launch alignment. We activate predefined, joint marketing and outreach strategies to achieve maximum participation and impact. Our team tracks KPIs, refining as needed until completion or renewal.

Register for partnership or request further info

We Already Have You Listed!

Explore the wonderful Black businesses we've already identified near your school! Once you officially enroll, we'll add even more! In addition, we'll include targeted school information of your choice and a portal to your institutional advancement campaigns!

Support Your Students & Alumni!

Add this resource to your list of institutional student & alumni support programs! Partnering with this initiative provides an easy and low-cost avenue to further support your student constituents—both during and well beyond their matriculation.
Choose a Plan to Claim Your Business


Per Month Price $40

Per Listing Duration : 365 days


Per Month Price $25

Per Listing Duration : 365 days


Per Listing Duration : 30 days


Per Listing Duration : 30 days


Per Listing Duration : 30 days

Contact us for unlisted categories
Street, City, State/Country, Postal Code
We will follow up if we need more info
Contact us for unlisted categories
Street, City, State/Country, Postal Code
We will follow up if we need more info

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You must be logged in to view this content

You are committing to Spend With Purpose. By spending your dollars with Black owned businesses and other minorities, you empower the disadvantaged communities they serve. Unlock full site access, your personal action plan, and rewards!