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Consulting Services

Why Choose Consulting Services?

Delegation is a thing of beauty, and one of the most potent tools in a business owner’s toolkit. The part that trips most up is knowing when to use this tool. Everything seems important, and maybe it is, but should you be doing it?

Energy Is Limited
Account Setup

Your Time Is Better Spent Elsewhere

After you have completed the initial setup of your MOB Directory Listing and MOB Market Storefront, there will be endless additional adjustments you can make. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of “options and settings.” Why not leave the geek stuff to us geeks?

Service Breakdown

You Should Differentiate Yourself

Establishing your directory and storefront listings definitely gives you a leg up on the competition. Don’t just stop there. Ensure that you truly stand out from the crowd by choosing a Premium Listing Template. Let everyone else stick to the status quo. You’ve got goals. Being regular isn’t one of them.

Service Breakdown
Premium Templates

Mob Directory & Market Setup – $14.99

Signing up is an easy, bare-bones process. However, if you want to be successful, more setup is required. By electing this optional service, we will contact you within one business day after you enroll in any plan level. We ask that you provide all relevant business information that you would like to display in your directory or market listing. We then optimize all store settings and notifications to run in a smooth, plug-and-play fashion for you when you are ready. *FREE for Premium and Competitor plans.

What’s Included

Ad Hoc Tasks – $9.99

No matter how competent you become in managing various listing tasks, there will always be some tasks that seem too tedious. Let us step in and lighten your load. We execute one-time setup of any individual task-set, such as adding products, creating events, or linking online food delivery menus.

What’s Included

Managed MOB Listing – $39.99

One of the greatest plights of the business owner is successfully divesting from non-critical tasks. This is the age old question: should you do it yourself and save money or pay for it and save time? We recommend the latter. Let us handle all administrative tasks related to the monthly management of your listings. All you need to do is stand back and direct traffic. Your only task will be setting the monthly strategy, reading our ROI reports, and cashing checks. *This service goes beyond the “Listing Maintenance” included in Competitor plans by constantly monitoring and managing every facet of your listing.

What’s Included

  • You must first complete the listing enrollment process before purchasing Premium Account Services