What is The 3BC Pledge?

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The 3BC Pledge to Empower represents taking a stand for cooperative economics in disadvantaged communities. Far from being a discriminatory, divisive practice, purchasing from minority-owned businesses (MOBs) allows them to take their earnings and reinvest them into improving their companies and communities as a whole. This is natural for many other communities, but many disadvantaged groups have forgotten its importance, to their detriment.


Pledge to Empower

A rising tide raises all ships

The health and wealth of small businesses has and continues to be a cornerstone of the success of the United States and countries abroad. This same fact holds true for minority communities, especially since most of them are small businesses.

Disadvantaged populations suffer from a lack of life-giving cash-flow that refreshes most other groups. Without this steady recycling of dollars, these communities will continue to be starved of resources, programs and infrastructure. Schools will continue to lack the proper tools to educate children. Neighborhoods will have no special programs or support systems to nurture the community at-large. Therefore, by supporting MOBs, EVERYONE wins.

It’s about coming together.

​Lack of unity, financially and otherwise, causes minorities to remain the “low-hanging fruit;” convenient victims to all whom would prey upon them. With no fear of a united financial and political backlash–which would be inevitable if certain other communities were abused–the troubled system of US law enforcement will continue to brutalize and discriminate against marginalized groups of all ages and walks of life.

If We do not patch up the financial “leakage” of dollars pouring out of Our communities, then take those dollars to build and uplift together, We will remain the easy targets that We have been for generations. Isn’t it time for a change?

To be a poor man is hard, but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships. W.E.B. Du Bois

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In this world, power is measured in dollar signs and the ability of those dollar signs to unite and move as one. Making a commitment to Conscious Consumerism is one seemingly small but GIANT step towards forever uplifting Our People. If you still need convincing, click here. By clicking the button below, you are making a personal and public declaration of support for disadvantaged communities. We’ll help you follow it up with action.

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Pledge to Empower

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Not for us. Spend your money with minority businesses. We'll help.

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