Attention Non-Minority Allies:  


You are DEEPLY valued.

While we at 3BC have catered both our website and company to minority businesses and consumers specifically, we recognize the power of diverse relationships and connections. Nothing here is meant to exclude nor alienate you. In the traditional fashion of business strategies, we simply “target” the above groups as our primary “customers.” We seek to solve a specific problem, concerning a specific population.

If you still have your doubts, we get it. After all, anything regarding race has an undeniable stigma to it, and those with only a surface-level perspective might mistake our mission as discriminatory. This should give you more insight.

3BC represents self-help economics at their finest. Our primary goal is to inspire disadvantaged peoples to solve their own problems, doing so in the most independent and unified ways possible. Not only is this excellent for the U.S. economy, it is excellent for individual minorities, families and all other members of society with whom they interact. Sure, we can achieve this alone, but think how much further we can go with your help!

With this new insight and understanding, we reiterate: You are DEEPLY valued. Of course, certain content on this site will apply exclusively to disadvantaged groups. However, if you understand and support the ideas of self-help, better families and a better economy, we hope you will support us in every way possible.

If you are a consumer, take the 3BC Pledge to Empower, then explore our directory to find businesses to support! If you represent a business, make the Pledge as well, then explore our minority Business Directory to find excellent partners, vendors and suppliers. Diversity is at its most beautiful when it is understood, embraced and celebrated. We celebrate YOU. Thank you for celebrating us.


Pledge to Empower

Isn't this site racist or non-inclusive?
What about non-minorities?

Why pledge to buy from minorities specifically?
Who will this "empower"?

"3BC Pledge"? Are you asking for money?

Not for us. Spend your money with minority businesses. We'll help.

We hope we've answered your questions! If not, ask us here.