Our Vision

Our vision is for every consumer to undergo a paradigm shift. Before making any purchase decision, they will consider patronizing minority-owned businesses (MOBs) first, then select alternative sources to fill their needs if none exist. MOBs will improve, become more competitive, increase in number and fail less often. We envision a future of complete self-sufficiency. Uniting our financial strength is a mighty first step.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the financial gap between MOBs and consumers by unifying and recycling our dollars. Many of the societal problems in minority communities are closely tied to a lack of group economics and the failure to circulate our dollars in our own communities.

We will address this economic “leakage” by building awareness of the issue and conducting ongoing education for the masses. We seek to remedy this problem by providing a solid platform to direct dollars into minority hands, then ensure that these businesses have tangible programs in place to reinvest in the same communities.

We will provide an “empowerment ecosystem,” a comprehensive community for people to gather and progress in a variety of ways. Our every effort is directed at the overall empowerment and uplifting of disenfranchised groups. We will first focus on bettering the interconnected lives and conditions of these groups in the United States, then systematically extend our reach internationally.

Make The 3BC Pledge to Empower!

Pledge to Empower

Isn't this site racist or non-inclusive?
What about non-minorities?

Why pledge to buy from minorities specifically?
Who will this "empower"?

"3BC Pledge"? Are you asking for money?

Not for us. Spend your money with minority businesses. We'll help.

We hope we've answered your questions! If not, ask us here.