New Series: Weekly Role Models

For Black History Month 2016, we’ve decided to bring you knowledge and consciousness in a special way. Each week, we’ll present a little known ancestor of Black Excellence, those that were never taught in schools. But we won’t be presenting you random facts that serve as little more than trivia knowledge. We’re going to insist that you apply this knowledge.

Each Weekly Role Model post format will break down like this:

  • Introduction of Black hero, hailing from varied parts of the African Diaspora
  • Admirable achievements and contributions in life
  • Qualities that made them great and were key to their success
  • Copycat Challenge: a dare to emulate the traits of the ancestor for a week, then report back on your results
    1. Write down or type the name of each week’s role model and his or her key traits
    2. Review them each morning, meditating on the ancestor’s story and how you will channel their greatness for your day’s tasks
    3. Each night, write or type a quick summary of how your reflection helped earn the day’s successes

You may be saying to yourself, “Oh, OK. So this is just another gimmicky way to learn the same old Black History.” If this is you, you could not be more incorrect.

Learning about each week’s Weekly Role Model and completing the Copycat Challenge represents intentional application, a technique that will reinforce memory recall and relevance. In other words, by completing the activities above, what you learn each week will stick with you longer and actually make a difference and improvement in your life.

We have to recognize that We are great–if for no other reason, because we are derived from greatness.

What we accomplish today, is possible only because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Let’s emulate Our Past to ensure Our Future. Let’s be great. It’s in Our DNA.


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