The ultimate, hands-on solution to community empowerment. Purchase with a purpose. Make the 3BC Pledge to Empower!

Black-owned businesses from the US and abroad, right at your fingertips. Put these products and services on your next shopping list.

Black-owned businesses from the US and abroad, right at your fingertips. Put these products and services on your next shopping list.

Minority-owned businesses from the US and abroad, right at your fingertips. Put these products and services on your next shopping list.

To find and support as many minority-owned businesses as possible, we need your help. If you represent such an entity, add your listing. If you are a consumer, submit an unlisted business and earn rewards!

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Tap into valuable consumer data and features that take your business to the next level. Find out how you can capture more of your elusive consumer segments.

Even if you are not a minority consumer or business owner, you can still make a difference. We focus on these specific groups to remedy specific problems – NOT to exclude you. See how you can get involved.
Non-discriminatory. Fully Inclusive.

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Welcome to 3BC...

The Home of Community Empowerment

Our sole purpose is the empowerment, unification and uplifting of disadvantaged communities. To accomplish this, we harness the power of self-help, group economics: intentionally directing and unifying buying power to improve life and socioeconomic standing. Therefore, we focus on providing resources to the two groups below.


Find Minority Businesses. Practice Group Economics. Grow Your Consciousness. Earn Rewards. UPLIFT.


No more hopeless searching for how to make a difference. Uplift communities directly through consumerism, volunteering, group membership and more. Real action, real change.

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Comm-Unity: Communication + Unity. Engage, learn and grow within our Conscious Community. Then, lock arms and build to go from online impact to offline change.

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The issues, truths, history and resources to keep you in the know. Whether you’re a conscious newbie or a legitimate scholar, experience growth here. “Stay woke.”

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Though we believe community empowerment should be a natural desire for all, we see value in “sweetening the deal.” Earn points and redeem gifts for completing activities that Uplift Us.

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The above features are only a sneak-peek. Make the 3BC Pledge to Empower and check out the full suite of features and gifts you receive! Learn more, or click “pledge” to get started.



Corner The Market. Broaden Your Web Presence. Recruit Talent. Obtain Analytic Insight. GROW.

Premium Features

  • 3BCommerce™: Sell directly from your listing
  • 3BCompete™: Map your local market share
  • 3BConsult™: Outsource your capability gaps
  • Monthly ROI analytics + consumer reports

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Basic Features

  • Press release upon registration
  • Page visits counter to gauge interest
  • Virtual and physical site visit + evaluation
  • Exposure to targeted consumer base

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Before registering, search the MOB Directory to see if your business is already listed. If so, claim it. If not, establish your presence today!





For the consumer, your very first step in this process is to plant your flag – Pledge to Empower.
Afterwards, we’ll show you how to keep your commitment.

For the business owner, although you are an entrepreneur, your status as a consumer remains the same.
Support your peers by investing your dollars in them, just as others invest in you.

Whichever group you fall into, change starts with YOU, right now.


Pledge to Empower

Isn't this site racist or non-inclusive?
What about non-minorities?

Why pledge to buy from minorities specifically?
Who will this "empower"?

"3BC Pledge"? Are you asking for money?

Not for us. Spend your money with minority businesses. We'll help.

We hope we've answered your questions! If not, ask us here.




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